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Beckenham Place Park is a listed Local Nature Reserve and has several distinct habitats, Ancient Woodland, Wetland, Grassland and buildings.

Birds and plants are most commonly seen but a variety of insects and other invertibrates are present as well as some small and not so small mammals. Buildings can be adopted as habitat by mosses, lichens, various invertibrates, birds, bats, mice etc. 

The park has stag beetles and lesser stag beetles, and hundreds if not thousands of other invertibrates.

See for fantastic pictures of british wildlife from loads of contributors and members. Various websites and apps are available to help you identify wildlife and plants.

Birds:  just a few of the many you may see

Blue Tit

Great Tit
Long Tailed Tit


Kingfisher,  often seen along stretches of the Ravensbourne and adjoining rivers.

Carrion Crow
Carrion Crow,  Seen in great numbers, one of natures refuse collectors, clearing up after other messy species! humans usually.

Jackdaw, a member of the crow family, another cleaner upperer. one of natures dustmen will dispose of disgarded take-away

Sparrow Hawk
Sparrow Hawk


Green Woodpecker

Great Spotted Woodpecker

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker


Fox - often blamed for making a mess but only clearing up the mess we leave

Badger - rarely seen but present in the viscinity of the park

Bank vole
Bank vole


Pipistrelle bat